Time for change !!! new wordpress theme

It’s been while since i last wrote something on my blog, and also make some changes, these last month have been quiet busy. I first step to get back to the blogging community is to get a lighter look for my blog, and start writing some more post. 🙂 since i have been doing many interesting things lately.

So how does my new theme look like ? ( I still have to make some changes thought to accept some ads and so on )

the “dark” theme, now widget enabled…

Theme is now widget enabled.

After an hour of widgets documenting, my theme is not widget enabled…

Now it’s time to create some widgets… I have a 2 sidebar widget content. Isn’t this cool !!!


there was a bug in the funtion.php file… :S when i created a new


–not to forget the conditional tags

if(!is_admin()) //If you forget this the admin panel, might start given up on you

Some funny statements that send out the header….


But it’s fixed now, maybe i’ll find out some other bugs latter on.

Theme change… Look out !!!

Changing my fresh pursuit theme to a Bartelme Design theme.

After a long run, i have decided to change my current theme to a more popular one. I thought about creating my own themes, but unfortunately i am left with only half completed designs in photoshop :(. Thus i will be using this theme for a while. But i will also upload my theme proposition very soon on flickr for interested people to try to work on them.

Wacdesigns WordPress Theme V2

I am back with a completely new theme idea, from the first version i realized that it was a bit too dark and way too compact… things were not obvious. So i re-designed it completely using lots of whitespaces… tell me what u think about it.layout_v02.jpg