redesigned home page

While searching for some open source software today, i just bumbed onto a “new”: Streamed and clearer version of website. It’s quiet nice i may say, when u enter the page, u don’t have a lot of stuff, like the normal one.

It’s a Google like home page i may say, not many actions, but the essentials that are needed is visible. Let’s say is more web 2.0

The bright orange is a bit too flashy and takes up too much of the screen i may think. It could have been a bit smaller.

For those who don’t what is about here is a part of the description from wikipedia: is a source code repository and acts as a centralized location for software developers to control and manage open source software development. is operated by Sourceforge, Inc. (formerly VA Software) and runs a version of the SourceForge software, forked from the last open-source version available. A large number of open source projects are hosted on the site (it had reached 178,832 projects and 1,861,990 registered users[2] as of 2008, although it does contain many dormant or single-user projects). has offered free access to hosting and tools for developers of free software / open source software for several years, and has become well-known within such development communities for these services. competes with other providers such as RubyForge,, BountySource, BerliOS, JavaForge and GNU Savannah.

Read more about sourceforge here.