Registering to coComment

What is coComment ?

From wikipedia

coComment is website that allows a user to track comments across blogs, storing the user’s comments and follow-up comments on a central server.

A bookmarklet or greasemonkey userscript is installed by the user, clicking the bookmarklet before sumbitting a comment to a blog, or having the greasemonkey userscript installed, causes that comment to be sent to coComment and the blog.

These comments are then stored on Your Conversations, as well as comments made through coComment afterwards. It is possible to read comments through an RSS feed when another coComment user posts a comment to the same post. This is supposed to allow easy tracking of comments.

Quiet interesting huh, keeping track of comments when you have more than 20 weblog that you comment on everyday… this is the kind of stuff that will definetly work… people like to keep their stuff centralized so that it’s easier for them to get them back. I have just installed the plugin on my wordpress, downloaded the firefox extension, and registered to coComment.

All i have to do now is try it out… and staring commenting and be part of the coCommentosphere