IT Workers gaining weigh and possible health problem

I’ve just found a nice article that talks of a study performed by, it talks about how IT workers have begun to gain weigh just by sitting all day in front of their computers :). Let’s just hear what they have to say.

Here is a little intro:

Feeling a little, shall we say, sluggish lately? You might be among the vast ranks of IT workers who have put on some extra heft while sitting at their desks.

A study by found that half of U.S. IT workers have gained weight at their current jobs.

The study, which polled nearly 7,700 participants from Feb. 11 through March 13, found that 34 percent of IT workers report they have gained more than 10 pounds in their current positions. Even more alarming, 17 percent say they have put on more than 20 pounds!…

Read the full article on: IT Workers Weigh In on Health Habits

Padding is invalid and cannot be removed.

Stop Google crawling WebResource.axd & ScriptResource.axd
As an ASP.NET developer i often get error message: “Padding is invalid and cannot be removed”. It’s a pretty annoying message that i have been trying to get rid of for days. It was caused by Google trying to index, crawl my WebResource.axd and session. But when the session expires you get this error message. Since Google caches the pages it visits the session on this page has already expired after it is crawled, when it tries to crawl the page again and request the WebResource.axd or ScriptResource.axd with an old key, an exception is raised.

Therefore to solve this problem the simple solution for that is to modify your robots.txt file in your root directory

and add the following at the end

Disallow: /ScriptResource.axd

With this no more issues regarding invalid padding.

If this does not solve your issue you can take a look at what other users propose here.

Some update on this issue, i found out while googling some days back:

On this post you can find out how to compress the webresource.axd and also somewhere in between prevent this error to occur.–Shiny–WebResourceaxd-compression-Module.aspx

Use the tool found at the website below to generate a machine key and a decryption key:

Vinivi, the Team

Goodbye are always sad, but last week we made a little party for the departure of Noelette from the Vinivi Team. here is a small video introducing all the members of the team.

[kml_flashembed movie="Vinvi the Team" width="425" height="335" wmode="transparent" /]

Time for change !!! new wordpress theme

It’s been while since i last wrote something on my blog, and also make some changes, these last month have been quiet busy. I first step to get back to the blogging community is to get a lighter look for my blog, and start writing some more post. 🙂 since i have been doing many interesting things lately.

So how does my new theme look like ? ( I still have to make some changes thought to accept some ads and so on )

Sweet monday morning…

This morning, I woke up early as usual… had a good night sleep and all 🙂

Got to the office, did my usual morning check and opened my mail.

Suprise, suprise I see that i am really needed :>

My Inbox

Web Stress Tool

Today I have been trying to web stress my development website using ACT from Microsoft. I am using Visual Studio 2005 Professional, and while taking a look to find this precious tool that was readily available in the previous version VS.NET 2003. I couldn’t find it. (uh!!! did i forget to install it ???? ) checked out but nothing done, checked on the web and reach a forum post which said. Application Test Center is no more available on VS.NET 2005, you can buy a new licence of VS.NET Team tester to to be able to use some stress tool. Ok how nice 🙂 marketing strategy…

Anyway, i have been wandering around the web to find a proper web stress/load tool to be able to test my web developments. results have been pretty deceiving… could not find a proper tool for testing ASP.NET Websites. After some time i came up on sourceforge. to find this tool : WEBLOAD (Open source performance testing) which is the open source version of the recognised Radview Webload.

I’ll be now trying this tool and then give some feedback soon after.

BUG: Error message when you visit a Web page or interact with a Web application in Internet Explorer: “Operation aborted”

Here is a bug that i came to recently while working with:

var d = document.createElement(“div”);

This bug is only on IE and it’s really annoying one. There is a fix provided by Microsoft, you can take a look at it here.

It is a pretty comprehensive and complete article but there is one thing missing in there. The state that the problem is caused

This problem occurs because a child container HTML element contains script code that tries to modify the parent container element of the child container. The script code tries to modify the parent container element by using either the innerHTML method or the appendChild method.

The solution is

To work around this problem, write script blocks that only modify closed containers or that only modify the script’s immediate container element. To do this, you can use a placeholder to close the target container, or you can move the script block into the container that you want to modify.

That’s a pretty good solution, but what if i don’t want to do that, or can’t handle a code that would generate something like that in the body, e.g When developing in ASP.NET using Master Pages. You must develop some specific module to have a handle in the master page body to be able to call your javascript in the body text itself.

Here is a quick fix that works pretty fine and easy to implement.

In your Page where you want to call the javascript create a DIV element in the body/content ( <div id=”ie_fix”></div> )
With this done you can now modify your javascript to be like that:

var d = document.createElement(“div”);

if(is_ie) //This is a browser check have to code here.
var ie_fix = document.getElementById(“ie_fix”);

This is a quick fix that should help you waste/avoid unnecessary recoding. This has been Tested on IE 7 – Running on Windows Vista. – Unbiased hotel reviews by travelers – a place on the web where the traveler can find real reviews by real travelers.

yes, – this is where i have been working for the last year.

vinivi home pageThis is the first part of the home page where you can clearly figure out, what the whole website is about… “hotel reviews” by travelers… blocks just below the navigation bar shows out the different services that the website propose to the user.

Share – Writing reviews to post out to other travelers how your stay/travel was to a particular destination and to recommend or not a place to stay.
Discover – The growing community of vinivi, will enable you to discover where other travelers have been what they liked and what they did not. You will also see travelers travel photos during their stay, either bad or good experience.

Find Out – Find out reviews of hotels around the world with a database of 30,000 hotels, guest houses and growing. Our teams works out for you to get the most information about the hotels and/or guest houses that you have been staying.

After this brief introduction, now come the fun part that i have been working on lately.

Top Travelers destination Map

This part of the home page displays the most popular destination of travelers all around the world. Where they really go… The map on the right displays markers red (needs improvement), orange (average), green (excellent) that represents hotels and guest houses in the specified region of the globe.

Google map Info showing information about the hotel

You can do so much nice things with maps nowadays… YOUPIII to Google maps… 😉 even though it was kinda some headache to get it working, but it is now online and going all fine.

You can try it out and see the different top travelers destination… see in action at
Next comes the community part of the home page.

Random photos, reviews and the monthly competition

Photos by travelers – see random travelers photos that have been recently posted on vinivi, by travelers that have added a review on a hotel or guest house.

Thumbs up or thumbs down ? – What will it be… see a random average/bad and good review on the home page each time you enter vinivi.

Monthly Competition – yes you heard right Monthly competition, each time you write a review or send email to your friends to talk about vinivi, you get selected to take part in a monthly draw to get a fabulous week in a luxurious hotel in Mauritius. See the details of how to participate on vinivi competition page.

Next section are the latest reviews on vinivi.

The latest reviews posted on vinivi
Displaying the continuous and quality reviews that are reaching the our website the latest review section post out reviews coming from travelers all round the world talking about how there journey were in the hotels or guest houses that they stayed in.

To supplement the latest review section, see our team

Our teamThey read and validate your reviews everyday, taking time to ask for questions or more information whenever necessary to be able to post of the most out of your review on our website.

This ends the home page section

My next post will be on the type of content in

I am still alive….

I am still alive…. after so much time without a post, where have i been.. of course in front of my Workstation… working… but now, i have decided to show you guys what i have been doing so far…

The next post will be a pretty comprehensive one, about the work that has been done on

Long time no post…

Hello there… It’s been a while since i last got some minutes to post something here. Unfortunatly there has been a lot of work on Vinivi lately. And this took much of my time. Lately i got some time to work on a new version of wacdesigns with a completely new design that i imagined. I will post the first version of the layout that i imagined tonight to that i can get some feedback on anyone passing by my weblog and seeing the post. till then bye.