Created a ziki account today

The name ziki seems strangely attracted toward that of wiki, but this not the case…

Definition for ziki

What is Ziki ?

Ziki helps you control your online identity and offers a new way to search, share, promote and monetize your content.

Your Ziki is your place on the web to say who you are, what you do, what you want to do and who you network with.

Definition of wiki

What is wiki ?

A wiki — pronounced WICK-ee or WEE-kee — is a web site that makes it simple for anyone to create and share web pages, images, and much more in an instant. If you can browse, you can wiki!

Invented by Ward Cunningham and named after the Hawaiian word for quick, wikis are the quickest way for you, your team, or your community to establish a unique online presence.

now we know they are not at all related. 🙂

lets get back to the ziki account that i created which can be seen here. Its a social network based on tags same concept as technorati tags. But creating a link for people with same tags, kind of weird searching for people with the same tags… i tried sleep and it resulted with only 2 people tagged as sleep, so i am wondering is there only 2 people on this entire site that like to sleep… anyway lets not get away from the main subject.

There is one cool stuff that i can see on this website, the promotion of your ziki profile… it is mentioned on the site that they can buy paid advertisement on google, yahoo, msn for your ziki profile for not more than $10. seems pretty much awsome to me 🙂 getting free paid advertising on the web. so i am wondering how this is going to work up… i’ll keep this post updated about how this goes. till then you can just take a look at ziki.

So like i said they really buy sponsored link for your name 🙂 thats cool here is the google search result.

Technorati tags and wordpress

Today i wanted a nice and cool way to add some Technorati tags to my post. I searched the web as usual and came by this really good plugin that did the job as it should be.

Still there are some stuff that i am trying to figure out, because while using canvas as main theme, i able to see the tags only when displaying single post but not on my main page, i’lll get some time to see what’s wrong… and update this post.


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Checklist for Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

From webopedia

Short for search engine optimization, the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a Web site by ranking high in the search results of a search engine. The higher a Web site ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that that site will be visited by a user. It is common practice for Internet users to not click through pages and pages of search results, so where a site ranks in a search is essential for directing more traffic toward the site.

There are must be more than thousands of checklist for SEO on the web. I have been involved in some SEO lately and would like to share this experience. This is a quick list that will make sure that you climb up your page rank with Search Engine you will most likely go to be on the first page of Google.

I’ll take the example of some website who produces and sells boat models.

  • Make sure that the pages are well planned and consistent
    • Make use of well structured sentences that always reflect what user might type in to get to your website
    • Do not spam your pages with keywords
    • Do not put too much content on a page, because users won’t read them all.
    • If you have a page for displaying for e.g a boat model “The Bounty” make sure that you mention “The Bounty”
      as much as you can on the page. e.g The heading of the page, the link to historical background to the boat, in the description of the model itself. This will will help you gain evidence that this page is related to “The Bounty”
  • Get backlinked whenever possible
    • Each time your backlinked, that is another website if pointing on yours, you get some influence on the search engine. You should make sure that you “buzz” your website as much as possible. Try forums and so on.
    • Make sure that the website your backlinked to is related to your bussiness background. E.g your won’t post your link on a Computer Programming Forum, this does not make anysense. Taking the e.g of the boat models website what could make sense are some souvenir website or even collectioners website to get backlinked from.
  • Make extensive use of metatags keywords, description, abstract
    • These are very important make sure that you include these on everypage that you want to be referenced by the search engine
    • Also make sure that these reflects the content of your page. do not use keywords that are not even found in your page, this will not make any sense and the search engine bot might just ignore it. e.g if you have “boat, model, miniature, ship, bounty” in your keyword meta tag. Make sure that these keywords are mentioned in your page content.
  • Make use of URL Rewritting
    • Using URL Rewritting will be very benefit to your website. This will boost up your website referencing. Take for example of bussiness of boat models. If i have a decriptive page of my boat model the page URL should be something like that instead of something like that
    • These URL will help your website gain in web rank. As for meta tags the keywords in those user friendly URL should also be present in your page content.
  • The most and not the least make your website comfortable and easy to use.
    • This is only a small talk about website usability, Your website should be as simple as possible depending on what is your audience. you should put in mind that not everyone is as expert as your developer. normal people don’t know that they must double click on some menu for something to happen of you should drag and drop some stuff in your browser for some other things to happen. Thus first place emphasis on the usability of your website, to make sure that when a user comes once, he/she will always want to be back some other time, because the website is very friendly and make me want to be back

This is a little of what i have learned for SEO. Hope that this can be of help.