I have Wallop Invites too

Since back to the in october 2006, i have been invited to wallop beta. And now i still part of the “Wallosphere”, i have invitation to wallop for those who are interested in joining in to see what it’s all about here is how is has changed from my first post on wallop.

My Wallop Home Page

Just leave a comment with your name and i’ll send you the invite.

the “dark” theme, now widget enabled…

Theme is now widget enabled.

After an hour of widgets documenting, my theme is not widget enabled…

Now it’s time to create some widgets… I have a 2 sidebar widget content. Isn’t this cool !!!


there was a bug in the funtion.php file… :S when i created a new


–not to forget the conditional tags

if(!is_admin()) //If you forget this the admin panel, might start given up on you

Some funny statements that send out the header….


But it’s fixed now, maybe i’ll find out some other bugs latter on.

Discovering Wallop

Let’s go again on some social network website that i got invitation from 🙂 thanks jessica. The site is called Wallop and it’s still in beta… a completely refasionned style of social network in flash…

Lets get throught some screen caps first and then talk a bit about it…

This is the main screen of Wallop, that displays your user profile and tools for navigation on the website

My Music… Nice feature… you can upload your MP3 and listen to them…. online… also people in your network can listen to them.

My Blog… get your post directly on your wallop simple and easy just put the link of your feed and your good to go…

My Conversation… Very strange stuff… it’s kind of monitor everything you do… when i post photo comments or make a post on my blog they just add up to the conversation… the reason behind that… still unknown.

My Network… Interesting… you can have range of people that you can place near of further away from you depending on the relation they have with you… nicely though… 🙂

My Picture… As usual the normal image gallery that let you upload your photo and display them either on your main screen or put them as background…

Seems quiet interesting but, it’s a closed network so only people using Wallop can see you… 🙁

There is also Mods that i did not mention… they are like plugins that you can integrate to your page… but we’ll discuss about that when i get to know it a bit more.