IIS: Redirection from non-www to www domain

The problem today, is that we have a great asp.net website but search engines are indexing the http://greataspnetwebsite.com instead of http://www.greataspnetwebsite.com, this is commonly seen on the web and there are several ways to archive a good result for making the non-www to www domain. This redirection should be a 301 Permanently Moved, otherwise you will might lose your search engine indexed page or become duplicate content for your non-www and www domain. Here are easy steps how to archive a quick and clean Permanent Redirection using IIS.

Consider the case where we already have a website in IIS called: greataspnetwebsite.com

  • Go to IIS Manager
  • Create a new website that point to the same directory as your existing one
  • Select the newly created website, open the properties box
  • In the option button “When connecting to this resource the content should come from” should be change to “A redirection to a URL
  • Specify the URL http://www.greataspnetwebsite.com
  • Select the check box that says “A permanent redirection for this resource.”

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