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Nowadays many professionals in different activity sector offers their services and expertise through freelance portals. These portals are websites were you can post job offerings and register as a freelance to take job offerings. In terms of business, you can bargain and get the work done at an affordable price with expert professionals.

So where is the catch ? Why doesn’t everyone go online and work as a freelancer ?

It’s quiet simple, before getting a Job online it can take quiet a while you must register to several websites either paid or non paid, then apply for job positions that fits your expertise, wait for an answer and if you are accepted start working. When working as a freelancer you are not bound by any long term contract many a time, you get to work on a module for 1 month and when the job is done, you simply have to get to the entire process again, which can sometimes take several weeks before you get another job. So being a freelance is a tedious and long process, but it is quiet a remunerative process, since you get to work on different project and gain much more experience.

Since I have expertise in Web Technology and Programming here are some websites that i am registered to. Logo was launched August 2000 (as
It’s Mission: To provide the most efficient platform to connect and perform transactions with freelance professionals locally, nationally, and globally. Baseline

odesk logo was created in 2003
It’s Mission: Build the world’s best network of technology service providers through screening, testing, and feedback
Offer the platform that lets buyers successfully hire, manage, and pay service providers from around the world

odesk platform

The Coding Machine Logo was launched in late 2006
It’s Mission: offers you IT services. Thanks to a new approach, your projects can be delivered quicker and at lower cost.
Has created a web platform and linked together coders from all over the world.

There are many for website offering job posting and freelance work but, there are a the one i experienced with and i find them pretty good tools to deal with when you are searching for a job online to share your expertise.

Leave your comment on other sites that might be good, I’ll review them and update this post.

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