simpsonize me

After the release of the The Simpsons Movie, last July there are has been lots of site base upon it that have been release. One of them that I just found out is, its a really cool website where you can make yourself a simpson character based on your own photo. I have tried it and here is the result.

Me version simpson

So how do i look it !!!!

Copy custom object in C#

There are several ways to clone custom object in .NET.

  • Using reflection to get information about each field and properties in the custom class, create a new instance and assign the proper value.
  • Manually implementing the clone method and assign each field and method and then return a new object
  • Using serialization and deserialization.

I have tried the third method, that can be found here, it seems to be working fine for the time being, more test need to be done for performance overhead.