Theme change… Look out !!!

Changing my fresh pursuit theme to a Bartelme Design theme.

After a long run, i have decided to change my current theme to a more popular one. I thought about creating my own themes, but unfortunately i am left with only half completed designs in photoshop :(. Thus i will be using this theme for a while. But i will also upload my theme proposition very soon on flickr for interested people to try to work on them.

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  1. I too am using one of Bartelme’s themes as well, for the same reason! Stuck in the middle of a design. I’m to the point now, where I’m actually contemplating paying someone to do a design for me. Terrible!

    Bartelme has some of the most beautiful themes I’ve seen. I love his current site design.

  2. Yes, indeed it’s true that Bartelme themes are really nice. With good features. Even though this one does not support widgets out of the box. I am going to mod it out to support widgets. and maybe modify some visual aspects of the theme a bit.

    That true that paying for someone, could give better and quicker results in a short amount of time. I have been trying to design my theme for the last 3 month and ended up in 3 incomplete designs… :S amazing !!! and the templates are completely different from each other. I’ll make a post for them.

    The current Bartelme site design is awesome !!!

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