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yes, – this is where i have been working for the last year.

vinivi home pageThis is the first part of the home page where you can clearly figure out, what the whole website is about… “hotel reviews” by travelers… blocks just below the navigation bar shows out the different services that the website propose to the user.

Share – Writing reviews to post out to other travelers how your stay/travel was to a particular destination and to recommend or not a place to stay.
Discover – The growing community of vinivi, will enable you to discover where other travelers have been what they liked and what they did not. You will also see travelers travel photos during their stay, either bad or good experience.

Find Out – Find out reviews of hotels around the world with a database of 30,000 hotels, guest houses and growing. Our teams works out for you to get the most information about the hotels and/or guest houses that you have been staying.

After this brief introduction, now come the fun part that i have been working on lately.

Top Travelers destination Map

This part of the home page displays the most popular destination of travelers all around the world. Where they really go… The map on the right displays markers red (needs improvement), orange (average), green (excellent) that represents hotels and guest houses in the specified region of the globe.

Google map Info showing information about the hotel

You can do so much nice things with maps nowadays… YOUPIII to Google maps… šŸ˜‰ even though it was kinda some headache to get it working, but it is now online and going all fine.

You can try it out and see the different top travelers destination… see in action at
Next comes the community part of the home page.

Random photos, reviews and the monthly competition

Photos by travelers – see random travelers photos that have been recently posted on vinivi, by travelers that have added a review on a hotel or guest house.

Thumbs up or thumbs down ? – What will it be… see a random average/bad and good review on the home page each time you enter vinivi.

Monthly Competition – yes you heard right Monthly competition, each time you write a review or send email to your friends to talk about vinivi, you get selected to take part in a monthly draw to get a fabulous week in a luxurious hotel in Mauritius. See the details of how to participate on vinivi competition page.

Next section are the latest reviews on vinivi.

The latest reviews posted on vinivi
Displaying the continuous and quality reviews that are reaching the our website the latest review section post out reviews coming from travelers all round the world talking about how there journey were in the hotels or guest houses that they stayed in.

To supplement the latest review section, see our team

Our teamThey read and validate your reviews everyday, taking time to ask for questions or more information whenever necessary to be able to post of the most out of your review on our website.

This ends the home page section

My next post will be on the type of content in

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