Joost Invites, HURRY

Hello to all…

I have 2 joost invites that expires tommorow…

First come first serve, just leave a comment and you will receive it today itself…

No more invites left… 🙁 When i get some, i’ll keep it posted.

Wacdesigns WordPress Theme V2

I am back with a completely new theme idea, from the first version i realized that it was a bit too dark and way too compact… things were not obvious. So i re-designed it completely using lots of whitespaces… tell me what u think about it.layout_v02.jpg

Web based Adobe Photoshop anounced

This announcement was made by Adobe chief executive on 27/02/2007.

Hoping to get a jump on Google and other competitors, Adobe Systems plans to release a hosted version of its popular Photoshop image-editing application within six months, the company’s chief executive said Tuesday.

Yes that what it is about… one or the most biggest guys in photo/video editing software industry building up PC/MAC Applications is trying to go WEB. Creating a free open web space build up on the popular photoshop software, with ads as main revenue. They have have already shown themselves up with Adobe’s Remix that will be provided free of use to all Photobucket members soon.

How is it gonna be. We’ll Adobe take out the WHOLE Web market on photo editing online… for that we’ll have to wait and see.