Skype 3.0 is out

For those who don’t already know about skype, you can visit them here.

In this new realease of skype, there seems to have been a bit of change in the interface, with more practical interaction with the commands. This will surely help users cause the previous version had some missing functionalities for commands. But that’s not all, the new thing about skype 3.0 that i like the the “SkypeCast” which is in beta, but a very good communicating tool, that enable a user to open an online meeting like, where he can say everything he wants and have people listen or intervening in the cast… just like a radio broadcast where people can call to get live. This is the same old principle except that here people can talk and listen and control who wants to talk and who cannot talk… this is a very nice feature and can help out in many ways skype users… e.g those who wanna learn some new languages, that there are really much, last time i went on skypecast i saw there was English Learning skypecast and French learning, it’s really cool.

Even though there is one things that troubles me is that, this uses a terrible load of bandwith for all those people connecting and listen or talking at the skypecast, the last skypecast i went to there were some troubles with the communication… and the cast gone out of control of the hoster… 🙁

Even though these small issues, this feature is really some great job done by the skype team, hope it get much better when it goes out of beta.

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