Mozilla Firefox 2.0 released

Finally Firefox 2.0 is out… 🙂

Go and try it out it’s available here. for those using IE6, just upgrade to IE7 or just get to firefox which is even better ;).

Also while you are at firefox check out the “recommended add-ons page” which could be quiet interesting. I have just download the plug-in “performancing” which is a rich blogging tool that enables you to edit, post and view your blog statistics easily.

Here is a screenshot…

Perfomancing Screenshot
There is still some missing features like:

  • Image resizing during upload
  • Enabling formating of image
  • Link with options to open in new window

I have try it up a bit more to see if there is anything that could make it a better tool. 🙂

also note the small notice that they put at the end of your post 😉

powered by performancing firefox

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