Windows Live Writer Beta….

In my previous post i mentioned that it came from Microsoft right…. oh yes i mentioned it 🙂 When publishing it does not use the Categories that have been selected it always post with uncategorized. Seems there is a problem with the tags but did go any deeper in it… So seems i won’t be using this small piece of “software” and go back to my classic web interface from wordpress which does the job right like i tell it.

I update this post because the problem does not seem to arise at home… when i was at the office every post i published went automatically to uncategorized even though i choosen my category from the category selection…

Since i won’t be at the office for the weekend, on monday i’ll try it and see if the problem is still there (this would mean that there could have been either some possible issue with my machine there or the internet connection or something else)

anyway thanks for the comment spike. Seem’s after all that i’ll be using this piece of software :), even though i don’t know what happened at the office this afternoon :S

I’ll keep this post updated if i find out about anything.

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