First try at Windows Live Writer

I saw a mention of this tool, while surfing on a blog so i told myself why not give it try :). Could be something good/working even from Microsoft =). The interface is very simple and comfortable. And you can not only use it for Live Space, but for several different blog provider… i am using wordpress and which is really powerful. now back to Windows Live Writer. from the download page here is the description

What it is

Windows Live™ Writer is a free, downloadable program that will help you include rich content in your blog posts and know exactly what your blog will look like before you publish it to the Web.

What it gives you

• WYSIWYG editing: Edit using the style of your blog, including fonts, colors, line spacing, margins, etc.

• Rich content: The ability to insert and customize rich content like photos, maps and more

• Offline editing: Support for offline editing to compose posts even when you’re not connected to the Internet

• Blog preview: Rich HTML and source-code previewing of your blog post before you upload it

• Smart image publishing : Smart image publishing directly to your blog automatically links your thumbnails to larger images with more detail

• Compatibility: Support for publishing to Windows Live Spaces, as well as Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, and many other servicesChange the size of your graphics, and add borders and other effects

I have to try it for a week and then give some feedback to this post…

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  1. Sorry you ran into issues. Are you saying that you used the category control (in the upper right-hand region of the interface) to select some of your WordPress categories, and then when you published the post was not categorized?

    If so, we’ve done extensive testing with WordPress and have never seen this issue, so could you let us know which version of WordPress you are using?

  2. Yes,
    I am using the latest realease of wordpress which is the 2.04. And Installed in on a windows web host.

    I choose my category from the upper right hand and click on publish, it gave me some errors several time before accepting it. But even though there were errors seems that my post was published under uncategorized.

    The error was something about could not post to “new.Post” i don’t remember what is was exactly

  3. I got the same problem again…

    i posted something and it got into uncategorized even though 3 categories were selected.

    here is what i did…

    I posted a test from home, with the 3 selected categories then after it posted i just deleted the content and changed the title without changing the categories and i saved the post as a draft locally, after sometime i published it and when i checked it was uncategorized…

    please comment this problem seems really random.

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