Discovering Wallop

Let’s go again on some social network website that i got invitation from ­čÖé thanks jessica. The site is called Wallop and it’s still in beta… a completely refasionned style of social network in flash…

Lets get throught some screen caps first and then talk a bit about it…

This is the main screen of Wallop, that displays your user profile and tools for navigation on the website

My Music… Nice feature… you can upload your MP3 and listen to them…. online… also people in your network can listen to them.

My Blog… get your post directly on your wallop simple and easy just put the link of your feed and your good to go…

My Conversation… Very strange stuff… it’s kind of monitor everything you do… when i post photo comments or make a post on my blog they just add up to the conversation… the reason behind that… still unknown.

My Network… Interesting… you can have range of people that you can place near of further away from you depending on the relation they have with you… nicely though… ­čÖé

My Picture… As usual the normal image gallery that let you upload your photo and display them either on your main screen or put them as background…

Seems quiet interesting but, it’s a closed network so only people using Wallop can see you… ­čÖü

There is also Mods that i did not mention… they are like plugins that you can integrate to your page… but we’ll discuss about that when i get to know it a bit more.

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  1. The ‘My Conversations’ is a bit odd to me too. When you add a post to your blog, through wallop, it’s considered like a public message to whomever. I wish there was a separation between blog and public conversations, so you could post a public message like a bulletin and post a blog entry,…um like a blog entry. ­čśŤ Maybe it would narrow down so much bloat in the conversations section.

    I do like how it adds your recently added music and photos into the conversations, because it lets everyone know you added something new…but again, I think this could have its own place.
    Just my thoughts on the Wallosphere so far.

  2. Indeed, but isn’t there on the bottom left an option that can make a post private, i just tried it out and saw that you could manage who can see your post. Still it appears in your conversation but with a private marker on it.

    This does not delimit your blog and conversation even though, which from my part too should be seperated from the My Conversation.

  3. I just did a test post under the blog section, and marked it private for myself only. It shows up in the “What’s new” section on the left with the private marker, but I haven’t seen it under ‘My Conversations’ this time.

    I also noticed, that if you feed your website blog through wallop, you can’t go back and change the viewing audience for any of the entries that get posted . Which I guess makes sense, but at the same time, it’d still be nice to have the option.

  4. Seems strange, after i posted something restricted to “just me” it appeared in the “My Conversations”, Is there some other option that you placed apart from restricting your audience.

    Yes i saw that too, either you import you “entire blog” with a restrictive audience from the start, no options allowing a change in audience for any post that is displayed in “My Conversations”.

    And you can’t really change any public post audience once it’s there, i think there should have been an option on the edit comment/post that allow changing of audience. I think i’ll try sending them a feedback on this one to see how they react to that. ­čśë

  5. It seems that they actually take feedback into consideration. Although they don’t reply to you directly, they’re definitely listening to feedback. They’ve just implemented the search function. Very cool!

  6. Yes, it seems that they are considering some of the feedback that we are sending.

    But now i am beginning to ask some question about the website “social network” side. Take for example the search, it cool to find some people we know by name, or by email address. that’s definitely something that should be made available, but in social network shouldn’t you be able to find new contact, i mean something like finding people by age, or their liking… things like that… take for example the website ziki, you can find people by tags, that’s a really cool way to search for people…

    From wallop points of view, the main attraction will be on mods that can be bought, created, sold. Yes that’s a really interesting concept but in a social network we talk first about the people, even though creating mods is about the person creating it, but that’s not really the point.

    what do you think about it ?


    i found a developer forum, does not mean a lot, but at least there is some kind of forum related to wallop

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