Technorati tags and wordpress

Today i wanted a nice and cool way to add some Technorati tags to my post. I searched the web as usual and came by this really good plugin that did the job as it should be.

Still there are some stuff that i am trying to figure out, because while using canvas as main theme, i able to see the tags only when displaying single post but not on my main page, i’lll get some time to see what’s wrong… and update this post.


There is an even better plugin that andrew pointed to me… and i am using it right now… very flexible with full control under the options>keyword tag tab…

here is the list of features from andrewlive:

Features include;

  • Adds Keyword/Tagging ability to WordPress.
  • Keyword/Tags can be edited via the WordPress interface, or inserted using a tool such as Ecto / Windows Live Writer that support keywords.
  • Keyword/Tags can be automatically displayed in posts or feeds without editing Theme files.
  • Static WordPress pages (e.g. ‘About’) can be edited via Ecto / Windows Live Writer.
  • Drafts can be moved to the top of the list in Ecto / Windows Live Writer to avoid sorting problems.
  • Fixes a problem in Windows Live Writer where posts that include the tag are truncated when edited.
  • Automatically create meta keyword header from tags for SEO purposes.

Really good job and nicely done…

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