Water skiing lesson 2

Today i went to do some water skiing again. The weather was a bit rainy in the morning and i was making up my mind on whether do go or not… finally after half an hour i saw that the sun was coming out again so i decided to go. πŸ™‚

First on the list the mentoring lesson before going in water, making sure everything is fixed up properly πŸ˜€

Then get in the water waiting for the boat to come.

Then the fun begins, starting with the stick first and then going to the rope… πŸ™‚

Finally… back onshore to get some rest πŸ˜‰

I am planning to go tommorow if there is not much wind, i’ll be able to do some windsurfing or hobbie cat. Till then hold I’ll try to hold on to my ski πŸ˜€

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 released

Finally Firefox 2.0 is out… πŸ™‚

Go and try it out it’s available here. for those using IE6, just upgrade to IE7 or just get to firefox which is even better ;).

Also while you are at firefox check out the “recommended add-ons page” which could be quiet interesting. I have just download the plug-in “performancing” which is a rich blogging tool that enables you to edit, post and view your blog statistics easily.

Here is a screenshot…

Perfomancing Screenshot
There is still some missing features like:

  • Image resizing during upload
  • Enabling formating of image
  • Link with options to open in new window

I have try it up a bit more to see if there is anything that could make it a better tool. πŸ™‚

also note the small notice that they put at the end of your post πŸ˜‰

powered by performancing firefox

My first wordpress plugin

Good news i have been kinda motivated this weekend after my session of water sports πŸ™‚ I have decided that i should creat a word press plugin to be able to interact with Google Maps. This saturday i have been working the whole day on it… it’s not in a fully working version already but here are some of the features that i want to include in the first release of the plugin.

  • Integration of WP rich text editor
  • Marker with editable HTML text info window for marker ( Where you will be able to say something about the location you have pointed out)

Only these 2 features to start with… πŸ™‚

Coming features would be

  • Polyline ability
  • Dragable markers
  • Easy photo include in the HTML text info window for marker

I plan on releasing the first version end of this week.

Nautical Sport today

So today, i planned to go windsurfing, but unfortunately… there was no one doing windsurf and i couldn’t go all alone since it was really windy πŸ™

Fortunately for me i met one of my cousin that works at the boat house and he told me if i wanted to do some water skiing and i jumped in πŸ˜‰ here is the only picture that i could get… pfff my friend did know how to use the camera and only took this picture that’s pretty sad… πŸ™ but i am going again next week… so i’ll try go get some better picture.

Me Water Skiing

It’s really hard… i had hard time on this one and fell so many times…. πŸ˜€

After having falling for about 4 times and unable/too exhausted to hold the rope again… i went back on the beach and wanted to do some other stuff… then my eye when on the hobbie cat laying on the beach, so i went on my first lesson and it went well really well, i mean i did not fall in the water and the boat did not sink πŸ˜‰

More updates coming next weekend… πŸ˜‰ since i’ll be going both on Saturday and on Sunday…

Photos of Mauritius

Photos of Mauritius, Some nice pictures that everyone would like to see everyday when they are at work…. πŸ˜‰ random photos of the sea/beach from where i live πŸ™‚

Boats at grand-bay

random photos all over the island

Fruit - Goyaves de chine

That’s some of the pictures in my photo gallery… of course there are a lot of pictures of me and my friends

Exams results are out today…

So here we go a small notice in my life today, the exam results for my Bachelor degree are out… and guess what πŸ™‚

I am now a happy undergraduated.

What will i do next…

Continue on this studying track and become some geek with a doctorate in some abstract engeerning or IT field… or just let life go on and see what happens… I’ll be thinking about that… but who knows… maybe i’ll head for a Masters… that could be interesting πŸ˜‰

till then… i’ll enjoy this small pleasure of having my degree….

Mozilla Firefox 2 release candidate 3

Mozilla has just released the lastest RC of Firefox 2 today. I downloaded the RC 1 and now I am trying this lastest release which will most probably be the nearest one to the full version which is one month late due. So here are the new features of Firefox 2.

You can download the lasest realease from here.

Quoted from Firefox release notes

    • Visual Refresh: Firefox 2’s theme and user interface have been updated to improve usability without altering the familiarity of the browsing experience. For instance, toolbar buttons now glow when you hover over them. We will continue to improve the look and feel throughout the release candidate process.
    • Built-in phishing protection: Phishing Protection warns users when they encounter suspected Web forgeries, and offers to return the user to their home page. Phishing Protection is turned on by default, and works by checking sites against either a local or online list of known phishing sites. This list is automatically downloaded and regularly updated when the Phishing Protection feature is enabled.
    • Enhanced search capabilities: Search term suggestions will now appear as users type in the integrated search box when using the Google, Yahoo! or Answers.com search engines. A new search engine manager makes it easier to add, remove and re-order search engines, and users will be alerted when Firefox encounters a website that offers new search engines that the user may wish to install.
    • Improved tabbed browsing: By default, Firefox will open links in new tabs instead of new windows, and each tab will now have a close tab button. Power users who open more tabs than can fit in a single window will see arrows on the left and right side of the tab strip that let them scroll back and forth between their tabs. The History menu will keep a list of recently closed tabs, and a shortcut lets users quickly re-open an accidentally closed tab.
    • Resuming your browsing session: The Session Restore feature restores windows, tabs, text typed in forms, and in-progress downloads from the last user session. It will be activated automatically when installing an application update or extension, and users will be asked if they want to resume their previous session after a system crash.
    • Previewing and subscribing to Web feeds: Users can decide how to handle Web feeds (like this one), either subscribing to them via a Web service or in a standalone RSS reader, or adding them as Live Bookmarks. My Yahoo!, Bloglines and Google Reader come pre-loaded as Web service options, but users can add any Web service that handles RSS feeds.
    • Inline spell checking: A new built-in spell checker enables users to quickly check the spelling of text entered into Web forms (like this one) without having to use a separate application.
    • Live Titles: When a website offers a microsummary (a regularly updated summary of the most important information on a Web page), users can create a bookmark with a “Live Title”. Compact enough to fit in the space available to a bookmark label, they provide more useful information about pages than static page titles, and are regularly updated with the latest information. There are several websites that can be bookmarked with Live Titles, and even more add-ons to generate Live Titles for other popular websites.
    • Improved Add-ons manager: The new Add-ons manager improves the user interface for managing extensions and themes, combining them both in a single tool.
    • JavaScript 1.7: JavaScript 1.7 is a language update introducing several new features such as generators, iterators, array comprehensions, let expressions, and destructuring assignments. It also includes all the features of JavaScript 1.6.
    • Extended search plugin format: The Firefox search engine format now supports search engine plugins written in Sherlock and OpenSearch formats and allows search engines to provide search term suggestions.
    • Updates to the extension system: The extension system has been updated to provide enhanced security and to allow for easier localization of extensions.
    • Client-side session and persistent storage: New support for storing structured data on the client side, to enable better handling of online transactions and improved performance when dealing with large amounts of data, such as documents and mailboxes. This is based on the WHATWG specification for client-side session and persistent storage.
    • SVG text: Support for the svg:textpath specification enables SVG text to follow a curve or shape.
    • New Windows installer: Based on Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, the new Windows installer resolves many long-standing issues.

Here is a sample screen shot.

Multi-Touch Interaction

This is quiet amazing I fount this out while browsing youtube. This research has been done at NYUҀ™s MRL by Jeff Han.

This touch interface allow you to use multiple fingers to perform real life like operation, such as enlarging a picture by strecthing your 2 fingers apart… just see the video. It’s awsome…

I already added it to my wishlist for xmas πŸ™‚

Registering to coComment

What is coComment ?

From wikipedia

coComment is website that allows a user to track comments across blogs, storing the user’s comments and follow-up comments on a central server.

A bookmarklet or greasemonkey userscript is installed by the user, clicking the bookmarklet before sumbitting a comment to a blog, or having the greasemonkey userscript installed, causes that comment to be sent to coComment and the blog.

These comments are then stored on Your Conversations, as well as comments made through coComment afterwards. It is possible to read comments through an RSS feed when another coComment user posts a comment to the same post. This is supposed to allow easy tracking of comments.

Quiet interesting huh, keeping track of comments when you have more than 20 weblog that you comment on everyday… this is the kind of stuff that will definetly work… people like to keep their stuff centralized so that it’s easier for them to get them back. I have just installed the plugin on my wordpress, downloaded the firefox extension, and registered to coComment.

All i have to do now is try it out… and staring commenting and be part of the coCommentosphere